6 Very Good Statements from Jeffree Star’s “Doing What’s Right” Apology Video

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On Saturday, July 18 Jeffree Star released a video entitled “Doing What’s Right”. Here is a link:

In this video he took the Matt Calkins advice. Well, he probably took his lawyer’s advice which I like to think the Matt Calkins advice would parallel.

He said a number of great things in the video, and I’m going to cover 6 of his statements in this video.

Statement 1:

“When you accept that you are the problem you can become the solution.”

Exactly. We move forward by not only accepting our own mistakes, but my doing our best to become the solution.

Statement 2:

“I’m someone that has impulse control and I’m fully admitting my flaws and I hope that people can learn from me.”

This is great. Sometimes when the light is shining on you, you need to become a leader to show other people how to learn from your own mistakes.

Statement 3:

“We have to ALL take accountability for OUR OWN actions and no-one else’s and that’s what I will continue to do. And if I don’t, please f*cking remind me.”

I think it’s fair to say everyone needs to take accountability because we are all learning from our mistakes and this point in history. We are not all forgiven for our mistakes because Jeffree made a mistake.

Statement 4:

“I would like to personally apologize to James Charles for the words that I’ve said and for my actions.”

I nice direct apology is always appropriate. We all know that James Charles is fine, but Jeffree needed to make a direct apology to clear the air.

Statement 5:

“2020 has been very tumultuous for a for a lot of us, it has been a very crazy year, and I think that James and myself and anyone involved would agree with me that there are way bigger issues happening on this planet.”

This echos the statements that I was making in my previous videos that what was going on with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson was not the most important news. I had hoped resolving their issues would not be the only positive thing that happened.

Statement 6:

“Breonna Taylor still has no justice. Black trans women are being murdered every day and the news is silent. Elijah McClain has no justice.”

Yes, that you for talking about what really needs to happen.

My Thoughts:

Jeffree did this video really well. I am certain that many people will be critical, because that’s their favorite way to be, but Jeffree is fine. This is the attitude that we need from Jeffree.

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