Addictions to YouTube, Walking for Multiple Sclerosis, Nachos, and Armin van Buuren’s Trance Mix

YouTube Video

I was tired and said it’s okay not to film but YouTube is addicting. So I made this video anyway.

I had a massive improvement in my 0.2 mile walk today which was quite a relief. It’s good to talk a walk without my dog, but it’s been work for my body causing naps and hunger like I’m doing an iron man competition.

I was worried Ocrevus might not be stopping my multiple sclerosis progression, but now I’m not concerned about that. Ocrevus is so much better than Tysabri and has really changed my life. I’m so thankful.

I am addicted to Nachos. I have a new way of making them similar to the way Guy Fieri made them on a talk show. Parchment paper makes the clean up very easy.

I was listening to this week’s Armin van Buuren trance music mix before I made this video but I was so tired I couldn’t concentrate on the music the way I like to. So I just put it off... and made this video!