I’m Happy to Moderate Between Fans and Non-Fans of Donald Trump in Honor of Dolly Parton and RuPaul

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I talk about Donald Trump, how I like the country, and that’s what forces me into being a moderate. We should treat people who are different from us, liberal or conservative, with respect. People don’t always choose their life path, and when they can choose, they often choose badly.

My whole life has been about me being on two sides. A gay person and a country boy. I feel like I fit into both groups but I definitely don’t want to choose just one. This is one of the reasons I call myself a moderate. I would rather negotiate between these two groups than have to chose one of them.

Gays tend to be more liberal and don’t always think things through fully. Conservatives tend to be conspiracy theorist and think everyone’s against them.

Donald Trump is trying to create wider spaces between these two groups. But the benefit of this failure of a plan is that we just remember who we all love: Dolly Parton and RuPaul.

One of my skills is the ability to make continuous mixes of dance music. I’m very good at it. Currently, I’m trying to figure out, with regard to YouTube, what it is that I’m very good at. Maybe it’s a continuous mix of being gay and being a country boy.

I spend some time talking about how a smaller town than Seattle is probably better for me. I often think about moving back to my home town of Spokane or even northern Idaho which is very beautiful.

Donald Trump takes advantage of the fact that the real big problem in this country is communication. We all need to learn to communicate with people “on the other side.” If we don’t, we’ll remain in a civil war state. We’ll be better as one. Both Fox News and MSNBC.