Jake Paul Death Party, Ocrevus Infusion Life Party, Trisha Paytas Rolls Royce, James Charles Return!

YouTube Video

Jake Paul threw a Jake Paul Death Party which involved fancy cars and giant tractors to attract beautiful young women. These women would come to the party, catch the corona virus, and then die. We’ll see if the plan works, give it two weeks. It is suggested to be an attempt to imitate Shane Dawson drama except with real death.

I went to an Ocrevus Infusion Life Party. Unlike Jake Paul’s party, you had to answer a number of questions right to even be allowed to attend. Then you had to wear a mask, and if they didn’t like your mask they would give you another one. Yes, it’s that exclusive. It was six people: two nurses and four patients all in the same office. The goal was not only for nobody to die, but to have all of the patients lives be better for attending.

At the Ocrevus Party we talked about cars, even Trisha Paytas’s Rolls Royce which she says will not fit through the Jack in the Box drive through. But I think it will. I think a Chevy Suburban will fit through the drive through. I think you should not get a Rolls Royce if you are too scared to drive it through a drive through.

But you know who is not scared? James Charles! He is everywhere now and around lots of different people. He knows better than Jeffree Star how to be a good YouTuber. James Charles would say fix your stuff and then keep making videos. Be a better person and show the world!

I talk a little about my attempts to enhance my “30 Rock On Camera” personality. It’s not perfect, but I’m working on it.

I would like to say that I'm a good eater, but like everyone I struggle with my weight and health. While my videos may not show perfect eating, by any means, I am very open about trying to do better every day.