McDonald’s McDouble, Multiple Sclerosis, Jesus, Nikocado Avocado, Trisha Paytas, Unbox Therapy

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I woke up this morning and I was not in a great mood. So today we’re doing a McDonald’s McDouble, a large fry, and a large Diet Coke. I add my own Hidden Valley Ranch purchased at Costco. I explain how that happened.

My thoughts about improving my eating video filming and editing are discussed. I need a camera filming down at the table. I will probably use my iPhone 4s to film that. I have an old iPhone 6 but its battery is bulging. I’m also going to make these videos shorter and easier to watch. I took some advice from watching Unbox Therapy videos for how to do videos featuring objects on a table.

I talk about how Multiple Sclerosis was a journey with Jesus and taught me about support, and humility. MS is a lot easier due to Ocrevus.

I’m not sure if these videos are actually mukbangs. I may not use the word mukbang anymore. Maybe I’ll call these videos eating videos. When I have an eating video it’s a little more personal, and I think we all like that.

I spend a lot of time talking about Nikocado Avocado and a little bit of time talking about Trisha Paytas. Whatever we can say about them, they have found a good amount of success.

Being family friendly and a good person is important to me. I do tell you in this video that I don’t drink, or smoke, or do drugs. But I used to drink when I was young and going to clubs.

Having multiple sclerosis made me a hermit, but I am not going to be a hermit ever again. That’s a big reason why I make YouTube videos.

I would like to say that I'm a good eater, but like everyone I struggle with my weight and health. While my videos may not show perfect eating, by any means, I am very open about trying to do better every day.