Nachos: Santitas, Tillamook Cheese, Rosarita Refried Beans, Sweet Onions. Drumstick Ice Cream Cones.

YouTube Video

This video is about lunch and how cooking your own nachos is usually a universal win. I use Santitas tortilla chips because they are $2.29 a bag. I use Tillamook Cheese because it is delicious. I use Paul Newman Salsa because yum. I use Rosarita refried beans because they were on sale. I also use fresh sweet onions and tomatoes because they add a very special flavor. I add sour cream at the end.

I saw Guy Fieri making his trash can nachos on a show, and he did it differently than they did it on Bon Appétit. My process is different as well, though, because I don’t have time to make cheese sauce.

I also eat what used to be Fresh Express Green & Crisp bags of salad but are now Safeway branded. I used to eat the whole bag, but that’s too much at once. So I eat half a bag at lunch, and half a bag at dinner, although my dachshund Kody gets a little bit of each because he loves it.

Lately I finish it off with a Drumstick ice cream cone because they are great.

I would like to say that I'm a good eater, but like everyone I struggle with my weight and health. While my videos may not show perfect eating, by any means, I am very open about trying to do better every day.