Panda Express Mukbang And Stories From Seattle's International District (China Town)

YouTube Video

Today I had a Panda Express Mini Mindful Mukbang where I practice mindful eating with America's favorite Asian food. I eat fried rice, chow mein, orange chicken, and mushroom chicken.

I share some stories about my Asian friends I went to college with at the University of Washington in Seattle. I talk about my Chinese friend Becky who showed how to navigate and taste the best foods in Seattle's International District, which was at that time called China Town.

I also talk about our Korean friend Sun Hee who had the best nickname: Sun Hee Wan Kenobi that came with a fabulous theme song. Sun Hee was a lot like Lane Kim on the Gilmore Girls.

The great thing about going to the University of Washington was the strong Asian presence and learning about the different Asian and Hawaiian cultures.

I also mention tomorrow's Yay Computer YouTube channel video where I talk about why I had to return a 2020 8th Generation iPad to Bellevue's Apple Store right before I went to Panda Express.

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