Talkin' Channel Topic While Eating Safeway Select Ice Cream Sundae Cone, Caramel Vanilla with Nuts

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Eating a Safeway Select Ice Cream Sundae Cone, Caramel Vanilla with Nuts, I try to figure out what this channel is all about.

First, I realize that I need objects in videos. That's why I eat the ice cream cone. The mukbang method. Other YouTubers like Tim Tracker and his wife Jenn go on adventures to Walt Disney World, but I can't do that.

There are many talking heads YouTube channels I like, such as Beau of the Fifth Column. He is primarily political and I have made political videos I'm not sure I want to do it all the time.

Nikocado Avocado always fights with his husband in a persistent break up mukbang. That's not great. Trisha Paytas did make a recent music video singing a song from Beetlejuice and it was very good.

I've made drama videos, but that was a hot mess, which is good for drama channels. But I don't really enjoy the beauty community videos much and drama channels focus on that much of the time.

I might have an interesting story because I have multiple sclerosis, I own the Mattifesto company and I'm trying to improve my financial situation. "Not Whiny" is my current marketing slogan. It's difficult for me to figure out my own channel partially because I was a hermit for so long and I'm trying to get my groove back.

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