The Matt Calkins YouTube Channel Has Passed 2,000 Views


After the fastest view collecting video in the channel's history with over 300 views in one day, the milestones will probably be happening faster now. Maybe.

Here's a link to the channel homepage:

I have some work to do too. It was a political video and that content is tricky and with each one I learn huge lessons. My goal is to unite all Americans and try not to be negative. That's hard in politics, but the lessons of how to do it are also the message I'm trying to send to viewers.

The United States of America is built on the goal of equality, and it's an oddly interesting exercise for everyone to be reminded of that.

I would like to say that I'm a good eater, but like everyone I struggle with my weight and health. While my videos may not show perfect eating, by any means, I am very open about trying to do better every day.