The Story Of My National Fast Food Day Celebration Featuring McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell

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First let me say that I will not be showing any eating in this channel because I don't want to be obscene with all that fast food.

I went to McDonald's for breakfast and ordered two Sausage Egg McMuffins because if you order one you get another for 1 penny. I brought them home and ate them both with a little salt because they just need it. I also ate a Blueberry Muffin I got from my McDonald's trip yesterday. Yes, I also went to McDonald's yesterday, that's the kind of video this is and what kind of life I have.

Then, I wasn't going to eat lunch, but decided I would and got the deal that includes two Whopper Jr. burgers, and I added cheese to both. The meal came with a small fry and small onion rings and two small diet cokes. Of course, I ate all of that.

Later, I should not have eaten dinner, but instead of not eating dinner I went to Taco Bell and ordered a Beef and Rice Burrito and a Beef and Bean Burrito both from the value menu. While I was eating those, I watched Adam the Woo's video on National Fast Food Day where I learned that it was National Fast Food Day! I thought about how amazing it was that I seem to have naturally sensed it and celebrated without even knowing. I must be gifted!

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I would like to say that I'm a good eater, but like everyone I struggle with my weight and health. While my videos may not show perfect eating, by any means, I am very open about trying to do better every day.