Wendy's Breakfast - Biscuits And Gravy ("Sausage Gravy & Biscuit") Mukbang and Food Review

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I have a great time eating and reviewing Wendy's version of Wendy's very spicy version of country biscuits and gravy. They spice and season their breakfast foods so well that I'm becoming a very big fan. Their spicy sausage makes everything better.

Is it so good I will even lick the plate? Watch and see!

This item has 450 calories. I bought it at Wendy's drive-through and heated it in the oven for a short time period while I was setting up the camera a lights. I also took it out of the packaging it came with and plated it on one of my own plates.

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Matt Calkins, Wendy's Breakfast Biscuits and Gravy